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We are introducing our self as manufacture, supply and export of all kinds of high quality Squid Jerky, factory in Taiwan. We'll supply our products ensuring standard quality at very competitive price with prompt delivery, as we believe in firm business relationship with positive growth. We always offer our customers top quality goods in best price and delivery.
  • Dried Squid - 4-1
    4-1 : Dried Squid
    Crispy freshened taste from the ocean. we have exclusive technology over a hundred years. During the process, totally dependent on manual processing, sophisticated technology and experience.  After we wash it, we go through with soaking, exposure in the sun and others at least eight steps, each are unable to replace machinery. Small volume has been carefully baked. you can feel chewy, sweet, spicy taste.

  • Dried Shredded Squid - 4-2
    4-2 : Dried Shredded Squid
    We use fresh grilled squid special wire roll.
    Have a speical formula, charcoal baked shredded pepper squid.
    It is super popular fresh taste.
    Bite one and one to feel super fun and enjoy.

    Product Ingredients: Fresh squid, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, soybean oil, garlic, onion dry, pepper sauces
  • Dry Squid - 4-3
    4-3 : Dry Squid
    The legacy of the deep ocean. The perfect combination of grilled & freshness.

    -  Low-Sugar,Low-Fat,Low-Salt, Vitamins
    -  excellent in quality and reasonable in price
    -  The way of storage:Stored in normal temperature and without insolation.
  • Fish Floss - 4-4
    4-4 : Fish Floss
    fish snacks are made of many fresh sea-caught white fish meat while fish stick contains a lot of fish meat which both provide good source of good protein. It is a healthy baked product free of saturated and fatty acid fats. Neither preservative nor color is added.
    - Ready to eat anywhere and any time.
    - Fry with or without oil to enjoy a different taste of the crispiness.
    - Make your new wonderful dishes i.e. add to your favorite noodle or put in your salad.

Our strict management and serious working attitude will ensure customers a quality and reliable sourcing with our

Squid Jerky

. We are looking forward to cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. If you need more information regarding us, please feel free.
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