Jerky Recipes | Dried Jerky | Meat Snack | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM Jerky Recipes manufacturer and Dried Jerky supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 5100 ,Meat Snack,Meat Snacks,Pork Floss buyers around the world at Thu, 23 Nov 2017 14:09:56 -0700 Dried Pork Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_ine21465786801.jpg' /><br>We use the finest leg meat to make. Premium selected pork stew with superior black pepper spice. Compared with other meat products, our pork retain moisture and taste mild wet, soft and smooth.<br /> Can be used as a snack, to flavor other foods, a high protein diet, or a great survival food source.<br /> <br /> Dried Pork Jerky Black Pepper Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_2ofs1465786859.jpg' /><br>We use the finest leg meat to make. Premium selected pork stew with superior black pepper spice. Compared with other meat products, our pork retain moisture and taste mild wet, soft and smooth. Every bite delivers a sweet and tangy flavor that is simply irresistible. <br /> Our jerky is a great snack that is good for you as well as being delicious and require no refrigeration<br /> <br /> Black Pepper Jerky Pork Jerky Chinese <img src='productpic/ps_mk0j1465787007.jpg' /><br>Premium selected Australia beef slice stew with superior ginger sauce. The integrant is Pork, sugar, soya sauce (soya beans products), flavor.<br /> Our bestselling jerky, not hot, but with just enough spices to make it the best jerky. you have never tried it.<br /> Pork Jerky Chinese Chinese Pork Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_qk8p1465787040.jpg' /><br>Our company started with pork floss, Quality assurance is different from others. Stir fried pork meat for more than 3 hours till floss form. We did not add too much flour make FLOSS fluffy. Our products are in 100% filaments with shredded pork beef. It is delicious meat. Also, we extra added seaweed taste for everyone.<br /> Also it can be mixed in the rice, porridge and toast and considered to be night food, refreshments or snack food.<br /> <br /> Chinese Pork Jerky Meat Floss <img src='productpic/ps_4y1e1465787091.jpg' /><br>With the highest standard and the finest selection of pork leg. Each construction method, according to the technical heritage. The pork floss has a perfectly light and fluffy texture. It is carefully seasoned and flavorful. Simmered cook until dry bake, it will melt in your mouth. In addition to this, it is a great topping for a congee, savory soy milk, etc. Meat Floss Beef Snacks <img src='productpic/ps_qf881465787165.jpg' /><br>Premium selected Australia beef jerky come with tendon. Rich chewing and toughness. AWESOME! we focus on select the thickness of each piece of beef to make exclusive formula full flavor completely. &nbsp;<br /> High in protein.<br /> Rich in vitamins.<br /> Hygienic. <br /> <br /> Beef Snacks Gourmet Beef Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_ins11465787237.jpg' /><br>Premium selected Australia beef. We used unique sauces and you can feel beef essence in your mouth. Beef is rich in proteins and amino acids are particularly suitable for growth and recuperation after operation.<br /> If you are interested please click enquiry Now for more details regarding the quotes for our products and delivery. Gourmet Beef Jerky Good Beef Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_w721465787277.jpg' /><br>Premium selected Australia beef slice stew with superior ginger sauce. Try it!<br /> We are suppliers of different kinds of Beef Jerky. We have been in this for a very long time and do have good experience in the supply of beef jerky. Our experience permits us to meet your demand at any angle of the globe. Good Beef Jerky Beef Jerky Peppered <img src='productpic/ps_ibcq1465787338.jpg' /><br>Premium selected Australia beef slice stew with superior black pepper spice. Try it! In order to keep the meat fiber, the product is all processed by handwork and no preservative, man-made coloring matter or saccharin inside. <br /> Use unique ingredient, the special process procedure is conducted by professional operators following the traditional technics and bake duration should be controlled strictly. Well use modernized processing equipment and handwork, you get sweet meat with full nutrition.<br /> Edible method: Edible once taken out. <br /> Beef Jerky Peppered Beef Snack <img src='productpic/ps_oznd1465787453.jpg' /><br>This is truly the finest beef jerky available!&nbsp; Delicate exterior and mouthful crispy. Produced in our commercial facility, every batch is custom marinated to bring great flavors to the meat. It is a high quality and affordable at both the wholesale and retail level. It's a very good kind of snack food is popular in the super-market and bar.<br /> Contact us for more information! Beef Snack Dried Beef Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_hjk91465787495.jpg' /><br>Famous for its Satay - its winning formula is the marriage with enticingly tender meats.&nbsp; This delightful combination has been winning the hearts of many since many years ago<br /> Over the years, we have invested in cutting-edge machines&nbsp; and skills to automate the cutting, skewering, cooking, packaging and storing processes while retaining the traditional, authentic taste of the satay that is beloved by the masses. Consistency becomes a promise as each batch is perfectly portioned and seasoned.<br /> Dried Beef Jerky Snack Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_70v41465787539.jpg' /><br>Our best selling jerky, not hot, but with just enough spices to make it the best jerky you have ever tried. Our jerky is a great snack that is good for you as well as being delicious and require no refrigeration.Can be used as a snack, to flavor other foods, a high protein diet, or a great survival food source.<br /> Snack Jerky Dry Jerky <img src='productpic/ps_c7eb1465799026.jpg' /><br>Displayed is a pack of pork jerky that is made from meat of carefully selected farm pigs for a natural taste. With a special recipe, this pork jerky is chewy and delicious. This convenient pack of pork jerky is a good choice for snack.<br /> Pord from carefully selected farm pigs.<br /> Delicious and tasty. Dry Jerky Dried Squid <img src='productpic/ps_qlf01465787736.jpg' /><br>Crispy freshened taste from the ocean. we have exclusive technology over a hundred years. During the process, totally dependent on manual processing, sophisticated technology and experience.&nbsp; After we wash it, we go through with soaking, exposure in the sun and others at least eight steps, each are unable to replace machinery. Small volume has been carefully baked. you can feel chewy, sweet, spicy taste.<br /> <br /> Dried Squid Dried Shredded Squid <img src='productpic/ps_1qx1465787810.jpg' /><br>We use fresh grilled squid special wire roll. <br /> Have a speical formula, charcoal baked shredded pepper squid.<br /> It is super popular fresh taste. <br /> Bite one and one to feel super fun and enjoy.<br /> <br /> Product Ingredients: Fresh squid, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, soybean oil, garlic, onion dry, pepper sauces Dried Shredded Squid Dry Squid <img src='productpic/ps_wkqo1465787904.jpg' /><br>The legacy of the deep ocean. The perfect combination of grilled &amp; freshness.<br /> <br /> Specifications<br /> -&nbsp; Low-Sugar,Low-Fat,Low-Salt, Vitamins<br /> -&nbsp; excellent in quality and reasonable in price<br /> -&nbsp; The way of storage:Stored in normal temperature and without insolation. Dry Squid Fish Floss <img src='productpic/ps_vqs1465787947.jpg' /><br>fish snacks are made of many fresh sea-caught white fish meat while fish stick contains a lot of fish meat which both provide good source of good protein. It is a healthy baked product free of saturated and fatty acid fats. Neither preservative nor color is added.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> - Ready to eat anywhere and any time.<br /> - Fry with or without oil to enjoy a different taste of the crispiness.<br /> - Make your new wonderful dishes i.e. add to your favorite noodle or put in your salad.<br /> <br /> Fish Floss Jerky Mix <img src='productpic/ps_rq0z1465788185.jpg' /><br>Choose the finest leg material from pork and combined with garlic flavor into thin slices., &nbsp;<br /> It is a very delicious and popular snack in Taiwan that suitable to all ages. Even it is a gift for New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and visiting friends.<br /> <div> <br /> </div> Jerky Mix Jerky Gift <img src='productpic/ps_yun61465788194.jpg' /><br>It is a dried meat product and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton, originating from China. This pork floss made from premium sticky rice and combines with red yeast rice flavor. It is a very popular taste and food item in Chinese cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine. Best choice for souvenir.<br /> <div> <br /> </div> Jerky Gift Gourmet Jerky Gifts <img src='productpic/ps_1upn1465788202.jpg' /><br>This gift consists of popular items from our top seller products which including dried squid and Flossy Pork snacks. The taste is like fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton.<br /> Easy and Ready to eat. High Protein and Nutritious.<br /> Serve with sticky rice, boiled rice, and porridge.&nbsp;<br /> To keep it crispy, Close the package tightly at all time after used.<br /> <br /> Gourmet Jerky Gifts Jerky Gift Box <img src='productpic/ps_8cjd1465788209.jpg' /><br>Dried Shredded Pork is ready for all your meal alternatives eating with porridge or soft rice or you can eat just crispy dried pork as an appetizer or snack.<br /> Ideal for camping, fishing, sport climbing. Lightweight, easily portable and storable. The time it took to put hiking backpack was comfortable.<br /> Delicious, Clean, Nutritious, Rich proteins.<br /> Great for all ages.<br /> <div> <br /> </div> Jerky Gift Box Food Snacks <img src='productpic/ps_adf21465788160.jpg' /><br>Our company is a collection of food research and development, production,design and sales with abundant human resource. We have didfferent department such as product research and development ,production , quality control , sales ,purchasing, engineering ,design, administration. We specialize in different Snack and cakes. Popular with consumers' high praise, and good reputation.<br /> We Pay attention to food quality and health, ensuring food safety. Food Snacks Pineapple Pastry <img src='productpic/ps_cgkr1465788259.jpg' /><br>It's a very traditional and popular Taiwanese pastry.<br /> Pineapple jam is stuffed into the dough, modeled to be rectangle, and then baked.<br /> It spreads pineapple's sour and sweet while eating.<br /> Very suitable to taste with the tea.<br /> Each cake is about 45g, and 12 cakes each package.<br /> It's very popular to be a gift while visting families and friends during Chinese Festivals. Pineapple Pastry Konjac Dessert <img src='productpic/ps_14dp1465788308.jpg' /><br>Advantage of&nbsp; Konjac&nbsp; ..<br /> Low Calorie <br /> Good source of Fibre<br /> Gluten Free<br /> Fat Free<br /> Sugar Free<br /> Vegan<br /> To be slim without special diet. it can increase satiety, reduce the chance of you eat more. Also, develop eating healthy snacks, the body is relatively less burden Konjac Dessert Horse Beans <img src='productpic/ps_rud01465788352.jpg' /><br>Broad bean is one kind of traditional agricultural product. There are a variety of bean snacks at the market after years of research and development. With the growing need in nutrition and health aspect, new technology has been adopted in the processing, low fat, low salt, but savory, nutritious and healthy. Bean snacks have been appealing and popular among customers.<br /> Fried broad bean with salty flavor is welcome by all kinds of people. It could lighten one common dull day. Horse Beans Dried Tofu Snack <img src='productpic/ps_z5cl1465788492.jpg' /><br>Features:<br /> The famous secret recipes for six decades in Taiwan. The magical combinations of Superior multi-layers structure Tofu with ten hours brew in our exclusive herbal-based sauce perfectly turn it into a succulent juicy formula. It is top seller for our products. There are also have different flavors to be choose. Dried Tofu Snack Dried Tofu Sticks <img src='productpic/ps_kh4d1465799041.jpg' /><br>Heritage craft with exclusive formula, experienced master spend over ten hours and two-stage cutting to make special taste of Bean-curd. The subtle flavors penetrate into each level which is fragrant and delicious with chewing. Our Bean-curd is healthy, nutritional food, would never forget its existence!<br /> <br /> Dried Tofu Sticks Bean Curd Sheet <img src='productpic/ps_a9rm1465788583.jpg' /><br>Bean curd sheet is Flat Square. Also called bean curd skins or Chinese yuba, these are made from the skin that forms on soymilk when it is heated. Our Bean-curd is used five Chinese herbs spices to make it. Great tender to come alone with wine or tea.<br /> <br /> Bean Curd Sheet Soy Bean Snack <img src='productpic/ps_jjie1465788639.jpg' /><br>Selling Points : delicious and nutritious, agricultural product<br /> and new frying technology &nbsp;<br /> Market : America, EU, Middle East, Russia, Australia and etc.<br /> Ingredients : broad beans,&nbsp; palm oil,soy bean oil, salt.<br /> Main Process : Inspection-Frying-Seasoning-Metal Detection-Packing<br /> Certificate : HACCP(ISO22000),ISO9001, HALAL<br /> <br /> Soy Bean Snack Dried Guava <img src='productpic/ps_xhkw1465788709.jpg' /><br>This Dry guava is made from mature top guava with special technology. Brew guava that turn into sweet &amp; juicy formula.<br /> Strong guava flavor, fabulous combination of sour and sweet, hygienic, safe and edible which is suitable for home and travel consumption. Dried Guava Dried Mango <img src='productpic/ps_nkq1465788746.jpg' /><br>Mango is one of those fruits with fleshy part on the outside and a seed sizable inside. Many types of handle which vary in color, flavor, shape and even the size of the seed. They have in common that the fleshy part of the fruit is a yellow tone. her sweet, creamy flavor is one of the most consumed fruit in the world. It also contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Dried Mango Dried Fruit Snack <img src='productpic/ps_nvzo1465788789.jpg' /><br>This is an all natural product, containing no additives or preservatives,no SO2. And may therefore be subject to seasonal colour and flavour variations. <br /> - Nutritional values remain intact<br /> - Same Flavour, aroma, colour&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> - 100% natural: Nothing added no preservatives Dried Fruit Snack Dried Plums <img src='productpic/ps_w9871465788831.jpg' /><br>Help produces saliva and slake thirst<br /> Snack<br /> Helps stimulate appetite and digestion<br /> Cooling throat<br /> We guarantee that the pictures are show as the item itself,100% new items,professional checking,saft packing,fast shipping,trackable website,after-sale service.<br /> Welcome to visit our interesting website and your inquiry will be highly appreciated. Dried Plums