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Since our establishment, we have developed from a small enterprise into a comprehensive group, integrating manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Dried Tofu. We are sure that our high quality products and excellent services will be appreciated by the growing list of satisfied customers. contact us is the first step to build a long and successful business relationship with us.
  • Dried Tofu Snack - 7-1
    7-1 : Dried Tofu Snack
    The famous secret recipes for six decades in Taiwan. The magical combinations of Superior multi-layers structure Tofu with ten hours brew in our exclusive herbal-based sauce perfectly turn it into a succulent juicy formula. It is top seller for our products. There are also have different flavors to be choose.
  • Dried Tofu Sticks - 7-2
    7-2 : Dried Tofu Sticks
    Heritage craft with exclusive formula, experienced master spend over ten hours and two-stage cutting to make special taste of Bean-curd. The subtle flavors penetrate into each level which is fragrant and delicious with chewing. Our Bean-curd is healthy, nutritional food, would never forget its existence!

  • Bean Curd Sheet - 7-3
    7-3 : Bean Curd Sheet
    Bean curd sheet is Flat Square. Also called bean curd skins or Chinese yuba, these are made from the skin that forms on soymilk when it is heated. Our Bean-curd is used five Chinese herbs spices to make it. Great tender to come alone with wine or tea.

  • Soy Bean Snack - 7-4
    7-4 : Soy Bean Snack
    Selling Points : delicious and nutritious, agricultural product
    and new frying technology  
    Market : America, EU, Middle East, Russia, Australia and etc.
    Ingredients : broad beans,  palm oil,soy bean oil, salt.
    Main Process : Inspection-Frying-Seasoning-Metal Detection-Packing
    Certificate : HACCP(ISO22000),ISO9001, HALAL

We are able to supply quality

Dried Tofu

with for your nice attention and looking forward to your kindly inquiry soon. If you need any service from us, we will do our best to service you in order to have a chance to bulid business coopeation with you.
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